Services China


Competitor and market analysis 

Analysis of all relevant competitors, marketplaces and e-retailers.

Setup connections with strong local partners for all relevant eCommerce and

social commerce platforms.


Optimisation and professionalisation of existing eCommerce structures and shops.

Development of a sales-oriented eCommerce promotion calendar.

Build and maintain direct relationships with key platform buyers (e.g. Tmall, JD,

Xiaohongshu, Kaola, VIP etc.).

Adaption and Localisation of content for the Chinese eCommerce ecosystem.

Brand and customer loyalty

Stable pricing and monitoring.

Setup connections with proven and reliable CRM partners with focus on long-term

customer retention.


Target audience analysis

We understand your consumers’ behavior and digital habits and leverage local insights and market trends to crafting effective campaigns that resonate with Chinese consumers and drive success in this dynamic market.

Influencer marketing

We select the right influencers based on your target audience, impactful reach, and content alignment, across various platforms like Weibo, Douyin, and Redbook.

Digital & eCommerce marketing

We develop focused and proven ATL marketing plans and tactics and align all activities with the Chinese eCommerce promo calendar.

Digital PR & SEO

Website building

We offer comprehensive website setup solutions. This includes obtaining an ICP License, crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly website design, managing domain and hosting services, and providing ongoing website maintenance. Our holistic approach ensures that your online presence is not only optimized but also well-maintained, allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of the technical aspects of your website setup.


Our SEO services include website audits, keyword analysis and research, content creation, strategic publishing and link-building. Our KPI-driven approach will boost search engine rankings and online visibility, enhancing your digital presence across search engines and platforms (Baidu, Zhihu, WeChat, Weibo, Redbook, etc.) in China.

PR & content

We produce newsworthy press releases, delivering measurable outcomes. Our data-driven approach creates compelling content that positions you as an industry authority, securing extra exposure, top-notch branded backlinks, and heightened brand trust.

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Market analysis

Identification of key competitors and market potential.

Regional focus

Concentration on consumer centres on the east coast of China and subsequent expansion of general trade distribution domestically.

Distribution network

We maintain strong relationships with all established international and domestic key retailers and B2B partners. In addition, we offer access to non-traditional retail networks (e.g. state-owned enterprises for corporate sales, hotels, gyms, restaurants, etc.).


We offer you access carefully selected offline distributors with regional networks to avoid sub-distributor business.


Company foundation

We advise you during the selection and setup process of your future legal entity in China, including all related business areas such as the structure of the legal entity and accounting.

We accompany you on your journey to a successfully established China subsidiary.

Product registration

We support you with our partners the tedious process of product registration for the Chinese market, provide labelling solutions and claim development in accordance with the standards and requirements of the local authorities.

Trademark protection

We advise you during the application process for your Chinese trademarks, manage your trademarks and help with trouble shooting (e.g. pre-registration by third parties). 

Recruitment and Training

We take charge of the selection and recruitment of the most important employees for your new subsidiary. Through extensive onboarding and training, we ensure a smooth integration into existing company processes and culture.